Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hiking, Sarek, 14th-22nd of July

An 8-day hike with Hans and Markus in Sarek, up in the north-western mountain region of Sweden.. We started and finished in Kvikkjokk, walking a wide loop in the western part of this beautiful and remote national park.. During the week we made our way up and down of numerous rocky trails and hills, walked through swamp valleys, over snow fields and on high plateaus.. Weather covered 3 seasons, with wind ranging from calm to gale, temperatures from 5 to 25 and everything from sun shining from clear blue skies to hard downpours with some lightning strikes.. Which is probably quite normal for July up there.. Some additional excitement when my tent was smashed by a storm gust (we could make a field-repair the day after) in the middle of a night.. Our group of 3 also had company by thousands of hungry horse-flies and millions of thirsty mosquitos.. In summary, a perfect holiday..

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