Thursday, December 26, 2013

XC-Ice Skating, Jämtland, 26th of December

Headed out early in the morning for some ice-skating with my brother Trond.. At dawn we arrived to Svenstavik at the southern tip of lake Storsjön.. Ice conditions were pretty decent but during the heavy wind the night before a lot of ice was brushed away.. Still, we made a lap of around 10 km before being back at the car.. We continued to drive on to lake Rätanssjön, where conditions were a bit worse but still good enough.. Turning point was at the northern tip of theblake where Ljungan river enters.. This second session was also around 10 km.. Hamburger lunch on the way back to Östersund went down like a treat..

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cyclocross, Uppsala, 21st of December

Very warm for the season so all snow and ice has melted away.. Between X-mas related social activities, I headed out Saturday morning in Uppsala for a couple of hours of riding.. 4-5 C, with a slow but steady rain.. I first took a loop south-west in the area around Hammarskog and found some nice trails, gravel roads and muddy fields.. Then I headed east and followed Fyrisån north before heading back home again.. Total distance was about 44 kilometres..

Sunday, December 01, 2013

XC-Skating, Lake Tämnaren, Dec 1st

First XC-skating session of the season.. I headed north-west with my brother Jon to Lake Tämnaren, which often freezes first of the classical ice skating lakes in the Stockholm region as it's very shallow.. The conditions were really nice, altough the wind picked up considerably during the morning and at some places we had to make our way around open water or very thin ice.. A great day!