Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sailing, Hargshamn, July 20th

After doing the nightwatch at the boatclub, me and Tommy headed out in the early Saturday morning before 7AM to enjoy a couple of hours sailing heading west towards Hargshamn.. Fairly windy, 8-10 m/s with gusts up towards 13 m/s meant sporty conditions..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sailing, Rödskäret & Korsskäret, 13th-14th of July

Weekend sailing with the lady up to Rödskäret & Korsskäret.. Winds varying between 4m/s up to 10m/s, got to try out reefing in  main and jib, altough it looked pretty sloppy, need to fine-tune next time.. Afternoon stop at Rödskäret, then sporty sailing to Korsskäret where we found god shelter and enjoyed pork-pannkakes with lingonberry jam for dinner.. During the night the wind shifted from south-west to north-west and brought some rain.. We chilled at anchor until 4pm when the skies cleared up again and then cruised back south to harbour..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mtb, Hellas, July 9th

Evening Mtb ride for a couple of hours in Hellas with Tommy.. Warm and sunny, and it was great fun to get reacquainted with the challenging but fast and flowy rocks on the "Blue Trail".. Got a couple of chain-jumps, might need to service the drive-train soon..

Monday, July 08, 2013

Daysailing, Singöfjärden, July 7th

Daysailing with the lady in the Singö archipelago.. Warmest day of the year, up towards 26 C, with shifting winds from becalmed to 4 m/s sea-breeze, to 6-7 m/s south-western winds.. We first headed east and a bit south in the Väddö channel by motor, then zig-zagged north and east through narrow straights up to the high bridge of Singö where we stopped for lunch.. In the afternoon, we took a lap around Singöfjärden among many other sailboats, before wrapping it up with some lazying about on the harbour jetty..