Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nordic Skating: Gälnan-Lagnö-Husarö - 23rd of Jan

Early start of the Saturday morning, picking up Emil, Ricky & Mikael at 07 and onwards via ferry to Ljusterö for the Lagnö destination.. Temperature up closer to freezing point, still barely any new snow for a long while, so great conditions for some ice skating in the archipelago.. We did a figure 8 lap of 40 kilometres in a mellow pace, enjoying the sceneries. A great day in good company!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

XC-Skating, Lake Mälaren, Jan 10th

Cold weather for some week now which has frozen many larger and deeper lakes, but this also brought a lot of snow.. We headed to Varpsund in the northern part of Lake Mälaren for some powder-skating in loop north towards Gorran and Ekoln.. Gradually thinner ice and at Lugnet/Månskär we had to turn around, rounding the island Biskops-Arnö on the way back.. 

Sunday, January 03, 2016

XC-Skating, Storsjön, Jan 1st

Great start of the new year and an awesome way to clear the head after celebrations.. Headed to Andersön on Storsjön with my brother Trond for some more ice skating.. This big lake is only partially frozen but on the eastern side of Andersön, conditions were superb.. Trudging against the wind for some time gave big rewards on the return loop, great feeling to cruise at 25-30 km/h with little effort..