Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sailing, Herräng-Öregrund, May 19th-21st

Friday night to Sunday afternoon cruising in Roslagen with my lady..  We anchored on Friday night in Brännäset, and on Saturday we sailed on towards Öregrund for diesel, water and a great lunch.. Saturday afternoon we anchored at Alnön, another nice spot.. Just need to calibrate the tiller pilot, figure out some things with the electronics, and then I'm all set for longer adventures..

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sailing, Roslagen, May 13th-14th

First solo-sailing with my Adagio 27, combining nice relaxation with some tweaks and getting to know the boat after the hectic transport sailing.. Spent the night at Brännäset and enjoyed the doghouse while motoring home in the rain without any wind.. Managed to manouver the boat properly into my harbour slip this time without hassle, starting to get used to the bigger size and full keel..

Monday, May 08, 2017

Transport Sailing, Ekoln->Herräng, May 5th-7th

My Bellona 23 is sold, and I bought the next boat, an Adagio 27 in excellent condition.. It's a motorsailer-sailboat hybrid with a doghouse for nice coverage also i the sometimes harsh climate in Sweden.. On Friday evening me & the lady took delivery at Skarholmen, Uppsala, and started the long transport sail back to Herräng via 5 lifting bridges and 1 lock, Hammarbyslussen.. Everything went quite well including a fairly rough passage over a bay in gale force winds, except some circus-maneuvers in my harbour-twice the weight and long-keel takes some new skills for tight manouvers..