Saturday, February 22, 2014

XC-Ice Skating, Gisslaren, February 22nd

XC-skating with my brother Jon on Lake Gisslaren in Uppland, 22nd of February 2014.. After 3 weeks of warm weather and rain, the ice is in bad condition on most of the lakes in the Stockholm region.. But we had a great morning on sufficiently strong but soft ice, covered either in 1-2 cm of water or soft slush..

Sunday, February 09, 2014

XC-Skating, Skokloster/Ekoln, Feb 9th

Sunday morning solo xc-skating, starting from Skokloster Camping and heading north.. With more than a week of temperatures above freezing plus a fair bit of rain, all snow is now gone and the ice on the lakes is clear and covered with a thin layer of water.. Being solo, and still recovering from a very bad cold, I kept the pace low but it was still great to be out and enjoy these magical conditions..

Saturday, February 01, 2014

XC-Skiing and XC-Skating on Lake Mälaren, Feb 1st

Headed out solo for some winter magic on Lake Mälaren.. Started at Varpsund in the southern end of Ryssviken and headed north up towards Gorran and then back the same route.. About 25% of the trip was on skis and the other 75% on skates.. The ice was 10+ cm with some 5-8 cm of wet snow on top..