Sunday, December 23, 2012

XC-Skiing, Gisslaren, Dec 22nd

XC-Skiing at lake Gisslaren in Roslagen with Emil.. Calm and not very cold mid-winter day, with a light snowfall in the beginning and a nice sun a bit later.. Lunch at the northern end of the lake.. Slow pace on wet ice with powder on top, total distance around 10 kilometres..

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Snowshoeing, Gisslaren, Dec 9th

Snowshoeing at lake Gisslaren in Roslagen.. Snowshoes are rarely the most efficient mode of transportation except in very steep or dense winter terrain, but it's always a fun way to move about.. Today it was -20 Celsius, more than 3 decimeters of powder snow and partially blue skies when the ice-fog wasn't dominating the sceneries.. I trudged along in a slow pace, partially on the lake where the ice was strong enough, partially up in the forest along a hiking trail.. A moose was moving ahead of me and showed clear signs of his presence in the snow, I saw him/her once at around 200 meters distance.. Had coffee and Christmas ham for lunch, but at this temperature, one wants to keep moving.. Total distance covered was only 8-10 kilometers in about 3 hours, but it was still quite a workout..

Monday, December 03, 2012

XC-Skiing, Tämnaren, Dec 2nd

First ski-trip of the year, trying out new gear, recovering after a cold.. Headed up to lake Tämnaren in Northern Uppland and spent a few hours making slow progress in the fresh powder.. Around -14 Celcius, mostly sunny and blue skies.. Nice to have some winter finally!