Friday, July 29, 2016

Sailing, Öland to Herräng, July 20th-29th

Return cruise from Northern Öland to Herräng, Singöfjärden.. Covered a fair distance first 2 days, then slowed down as I passed Oxelösund.. In Nynäshamn I picked up Tommy for 2 days before continuing solo again from Stavsnäs.. Fantastic sailing through beautiful scenery with great summer weather..

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sailing, Herräng to Öland July 9th-15th

6 days of cruising from Herräng west of Grisslehamn to Nabbelund, Northern Öland. Varied and unstable weather and most of the wind from south-west. Company by the lady first half of the trip and then singlehanded the final 3 days.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Sailing, Roslagen, July 2nd-3rd

Sailing first weekend of July, leaving Herräng at around 11, heading north-west to Fälön where we stopped for a few hours with a nice lunch on the BBQ with marinated ribs, and a siesta.. We woke up to stronger winds bouncing the boat, so we continued north-west to Askö where we found a sheltered inlet in company of a few other boats.. Some red wine, more meat for dinner and going for a litle excursion with the tiny inflatable dinghy.. Tacking south on Sunday via Brännäset, and finishing the weekend by ripping the genoa, so went to the sailmaker in a hurry Monday to get it repaired before the summer vacation..