Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sailing, Gotska Sandön, July 21st-23rd

For the return leg from Öland I was joined by Tommy who came by bus to Byxelkrok. We headed off in the early morning July 21st and motored our way straight into the wind all the way to Visby, Gotland. Some sight-seeing & shopping in this beautiful medieval city before calling it a fairly early night. On the 22nd, we cast off towards Gotska Sandön. The whole sea was completely becalmed, so again we motored our way all across to the island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Plenty of algae but that's pretty common for the season and this type of weather. Gotska Sandön did not disappoint, a true gem with endless beaches and untouched forests. We did a lengthy hike and saw some 22 Grey Seals at the colony on the northern side of the island. On the 23rd, we continued onwards to Nynäshamn, gradually the wind picked up so we could sail the last 3/4 of the way. Great sailing adventure!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sailing, Herräng to Öland, July 8th-15h

First part of this years summer cruise with my Adagio 27. We headed off from Herräng on July 8th and made our way south via Väddö Channel. Late in the afternoon, engine started to overheat, so had to make a stop at Kålö to try to fix it. Impeller had broken, but could not locate the missing wing in the hoses, so sailed to Ljusterö for assistance at the warf. All done Tuesday morning, and we continued south via Nåttaröfladen, Draget channel, Ringsön, Älö and accross Kalmarsund to Grankullavik.