Thursday, December 31, 2015

XC-Skating, Locknesjön, Dec 31st

Last day of 2015 and before champagne I went for a ice skating trip with the lady on Locknesjön.. This lake is pretty special thanks to being created by a meteorit and having a lime stone bottom with very clear, greenish water.. Smooth surface and when you look at the rocks, logs and sand 5-10 meters beneath you, you sometimes slightly loose your balance when your eye impression don't match the surface.. A bit windy from the south but rewarding on the way back..

Saturday, December 26, 2015

XC-Skating, Näkten & Locknesjön, Dec 26th

A perfect morning of cross-country ice skating with my brothers Jon & Trond, heading out before sunrise to Lake Näkten.. After some days of warm weather, the cold finally made it back and the ice firmed up for great conditions.. Happily back after a perfect run we added a short loop on Locknesjön, where open water set the limits..

Saturday, December 19, 2015

XC-Skating, Lake Tämnaren, Uppland, Dec 19th

9 Celcius in Uppsala for the last day or two, but 50 kilometres north lake Tämnaren delivered a magical solo-session with blue skies and silky-smooth ice.. I took the whole lap along the shoreline, with ice thickness around 35-50mm and just a few section which required some extra care..