Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sailing, Uddhamn-Brännäset, 28th-29th of Aug

A short sailing trip is a lot better than no sailing trip, so I headed from work Friday afternoon up to Herräng to cast off shortly before the sunset.. Over fairly calm waters I enjoyed beautiful sceneries in the skies as the evening turned towards night.. Anchored on the hook in Brännäset with good shelter from the south-westerly winds.. A full moon and some Northern Lights added further drama to admire.. Saturday morning offered 8-11 m/s wind on the nose so I had a fun sail back with reefed main and genoa.. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Scuba diving, Gozo-Malta, Aug 15th

Saturday scuba diving on Malta - Heading to Gozo with Samuel for two boat dives together with Dive Systems.. This little cave was definitely the highlight of the day..

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Sailing, Uddhamn-Ornö, July 27th-Aug 1st

6 days of single-handed sailing through some of the most scenic areas of the the vast Stockholm archipelago.. Starting from Uddhamn, heading south through Väddö channel, Blidö, Möja, Runmarö.. Turning point was around Ornö where I took a more eastern route in the outer archipelagoes, passing Bullerö, Sandhamn, Nassa, Norrpada and Söderarm before coming back north through the Väddö channel again.. Shifting weather with sun, clouds and rain, winds from 2-10 m/s.. Total distance covered was 355 kilometers.. Great week!