Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mtb, Jämtlandsfjällen, Aug 24th-26th

Drove with two friends, Erik & Tommy, up north for a planned 2-day ride in Jämtlandsfjällen.. After staying at a hostel in Ljungdalen Friday night we kicked off the mtb ride from Kläppen on Saturday morning.. Up above the treeline and onwards to Helags mountain station for a coffee break.. Wonderful, flowy trails to the hut in Mieskentjakke and then mostly hiking over a mountain pass until we reached Sylarnas mountain station for a late lunch.. We continued towards the goal for the day, Storulvåns mountain station, fantastic and fast trails.. Halfway there I crashed hard in a downhill run, got some bruises, hit my head a bit, but most of the force was taken by my right shoulder so the collarbone snapped.. Hiked 8 kilometres to Storulvån mountain station to get some care by an ambulance crew and after staying the night there we got a ride around the mountains back to our car and headed home..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sailing, Singö Round Trip, Aug 18th

Saturday sailing with my brother Trond, again from Herräng under the bridge, to Måssten for a lunch stop and then southbound over Singöfjärden back home.. Cloudier than on Friday, but with winds mostly in the 4-7 m/s range which provided great sailing..

Motorsailing, Singö Round Trip, Aug 17th

With a Friday off I headed out in the Singö archipelago with my colleague Dennis from SFO.. Almost becalmed the whole day, but fairly sunny so it was a great day despite utilizing the "iron genua" 95% of the trip around Singö.. We made a lunch stop on "Måssten" and took a quick swim in "Brännäset"..