Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hiking, Utö, 23rd-24th of March

Headed out with the ferry from Årsta Brygga for a 24-hike on Utö.. Sunny days but in the night the temperature dropped to -6C, it's still winter here in Sweden.. Camped at a place called Drumbudden, on the south-eastern part of the island at the edge of a military shooting range area..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

XC-Skating, Dalarö, 17th of March

Better make the most of the late winter with cold temperatures, so I went out again this Sunday, this time with Jon and to Dalarö.. We hit the archipelago jackpot straight away, with superb,  clear, and smooth ice.. At times, pretty challenging conditions where some detours and plenty of stops were needed to check the thickness of the surface,  but again everything went well without any swimming.. Basically, as good as it gets..

XC-Skating, Östra Lagnö, 16th of March

A fair bit of hiking on snow-covered ice and some very nice skating.. Heading east from Östra Lagnö, with Ricky, Emil & Mikael.. Eventually we came to pretty decent and finally very nice ice, and Saturday's turning point was Norrören.. Beautiful, sunny day, well worth the extra effort..

Saturday, March 09, 2013

XC-Skating, Ingaröfjärden, March 9th

XC-Skating on Ingaröfjärden with Jon.. We headed out from Älgö early in the morning, and by following the south side of the rock islands, we got mostly clear ice despite the snowfalls some weeks back.. At Ramön we met the open sea and had a lunch stop, and then took a loop to Stendörren before heading back, following the south side of Ingarö.. Total distance this sunny day was 41 kilometers..