Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kayaking, Bruksskären, 29th of Sept

Bought a new kayak today and after some work at the boatclub I took it for a 2 hour spin around Bruksskären.. It's a Point 65 Mercury, a take-apart kayak which is pretty conveniant. Much faster to assemble than my Narak but still fits inside the car.. Next few days I'll attach mountings for the sailrig and later in the week I'll get the second middle-section so I can use it as a K2 when needed..

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sailing, Roslagen, Sept. 21st-22nd

Last sailing weekend of the season..  Well into the autumn but again we were lucky with the weather.. We cruised in a clock-wise loop with a lunch-stop along the way up north-west to a protected inlet at Slätön.. Some nice red wine, a great dinner, a couple of movies on the iPad.. Beautiful moonlight that mirrored on the water.. Cloudy skies on Sunday morning, when we headed to Uddhamn to start emptying the boat and de-masting.. It's been a very good sailing summer, now it's soon time for some other activities..

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hiking, Rondane National Park, Norway, Sept 14th-15th

A weekend roadtrip through Norway, entering at Storlien and then south and south-east via Trondheim.. It's a gorgeous country with scenic views everywhere.. In the late Saturday afternoon, we arrived at Rondane National park for a "mini adventure", hiking a short stretch up on a mountain ridge where we put up the tent and stayed for the night.. Lots of rain, fairly windy, but still very nice.. On Sunday morning we packed our backpacks and headed back to the entry point, driving on towards Lillehammer at around 0900..

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Daysailing around Singö, Aug 31st

Daysailing with Carin in Roslagen with my StorTriss Mk2, the lap around Singö.. 5-7 m/s most of the day, with some rainshowers, distant thunder and periods of stronger gusts..