Monday, March 24, 2008

Mtb, Öland, Sweden (March 23rd)

Third ride of three during Eastern 2008 when we stayed in Byxelkrok on Northern Öland.. We parked the car at Homrevet and followed the White Prick's Trail north bound past the end of the narrow rail and up along the east coast of the island.. Zig-zagging between the sea and further inland in the forrest, great mixed trails up to Trollskogen.. A rest break on the pebble and sand beach, and then we headed back south again, finishing some three hours after starting..


Skogling said...

oj vicken söt flickvän du har. Får man säga så ? :)


Jarl said...

hehe det e lugnt, hon blev glad! :-)

cosmos said...

White Prick´s?

Är det det du kallar ölänningar, eller? ;-)

/cosmos - som håller till i Föra-Torp på somrarna