Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mtb, Jämtlandsfjällen, Aug 24th-26th

Drove with two friends, Erik & Tommy, up north for a planned 2-day ride in Jämtlandsfjällen.. After staying at a hostel in Ljungdalen Friday night we kicked off the mtb ride from Kläppen on Saturday morning.. Up above the treeline and onwards to Helags mountain station for a coffee break.. Wonderful, flowy trails to the hut in Mieskentjakke and then mostly hiking over a mountain pass until we reached Sylarnas mountain station for a late lunch.. We continued towards the goal for the day, Storulvåns mountain station, fantastic and fast trails.. Halfway there I crashed hard in a downhill run, got some bruises, hit my head a bit, but most of the force was taken by my right shoulder so the collarbone snapped.. Hiked 8 kilometres to Storulvån mountain station to get some care by an ambulance crew and after staying the night there we got a ride around the mountains back to our car and headed home..

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