Saturday, January 26, 2013

XC-Skating, Trosa Archipelago, Sat 26th of Jan

After a period of cold weather and no snow, the outlook was good for some proper skating out in the archipelago.. I headed to the Trosa Archipelago with Emil and we were far from dissapointed.. We started from Kallvik and headed nort-east towards Kockelskar.. Grey skies, fairly windy,  but we  found often great but sometimes challenging ices in beautiful and serene surroundings.. With the open sea near and big waves coming in under the ice, it billowed up and down, fascinating but slightly disconcerting.. Twice I thought I would swim but managed to turn around just in time.. We spotted a couple of Sea-Eagles and 3 mooses walking between islands.. It was a good day, hoping for many more..

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