Friday, November 29, 2013

Scuba Diving, Lobos - Fuerteventura, 25th-26th of Nov

A set of 8 videos from 2 days of scuba diving around Lobos island outside of north-eastern Fuerteventura.. Please note that I did not shoot these videos myself, the photographer was a Spanish Divemaster at the Mar y Mas divecenter, I don't have his name unfortunately but he was kind to give me copies.. I can be seen briefly as a diver on 2 of the clips.. Anyways, the 4 dives here were really great, with cool underwater formations such as big coral mushrooms, tunnels and plenty of sealife including Angel Shark, Barracudas, Seabass, Moray.. On the surface it was pretty windy but it didn't matter much at 15-25 meters depth.. Visibility was 30+ meters and water temperature around 20 C.. 

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