Sunday, May 13, 2007

Scuba diving, Beaufort Fighter, Malta

Finally I got the chance to go scuba diving on the 2nd World War Beufort figher plane that made an emergency landing about 1 kilometer from shore and settled on a sandy bottom more some 65 years ago.. A very early start, leaving by boat at 07.30 on a Sunday morning, the morning was amazing with clear skies, a bright sun and a calm sea.. On the dive site we geared up and then followed the line straight down through the deep blue sea and landed just next to the wreck.. The plane is in good condition with all sections easy to distinguish, although it is laying upside down.. Our group of 5 hovered around in great visibility, 25+ meters.. Maximum depth was 37.6 meters so we didn't stay long and the ascent was made in stages.. Full English on the way home, off to the beach in a little while! :-)

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