Monday, May 28, 2007

Scuba Diving, Gozo

Went on a Saturday trip to Gozo with Jesper, Rafn and Lidia for scuba diving.. We had three great dives on the sites Middle Finger, Coral Cave, Coral hole and the Inland Sea, the last site with a very cool tunnel out into the sea.. Got these nice photos as Jesper and Rafn had a camera for under-water photography.. As usual, some big fishes I didn't know the names of.. The grand under-water sceneries were the high-lights. And just spending a long day out in good company of course..


Anonymous said...

Correction... It was Jespers camera... But I took some of these images. Very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

The big fish inside the huge cave was a Grouper. I think you saw a barracuda as well. Parrotfish and some others.. I get lost in the name running.I did spot a huge fish that noone else did see ... It was silver colored... probably a blue marlin or a Tuna. That was a human sized fish!

Jarl said...

Are u making fun of me or did you see something similar like the one only myself saw at the Rosie? :-) But a tuna it was not. Big enough to use Barracudas as tooth-picks hehe.. /Jarl