Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kayak Sailing, 26th to 29th of July

Kayak sailing in the Stockholm archipelago from Monday to Thursday.. Headed north-east from Stavnäs up to Kalvören in light winds for 1st camp.. Continued north with stronger tail winds via Bockösundet up to Långkobben.. Wednesday morning offered calm seas and light rain while I paddled south past the west side of Möja and with increasing wind sailed over Horsholmssundet down to Gråskär where I had the third camp.. Heavy showers and thunder in the skies during the night, Thursday morning offered more rain and fairly dense fog while I rounded the south side of Runmarö via the channel and some excitement when I crossed Nämdöfjärden with lots of boat traffic but less then 150 meters of visibility..

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