Monday, August 09, 2010

Kayaking, Åland, 7th-8th of Aug

24 hour paddle in the North-western Åland archipelago.. In a chubby 2-seated rental, we strived against the wind on Saturday afternoon in a north-bound loop from Käringsund.. Lunch on Råttgrund, Högskärsöarna as the most northen point, and camp on Otterskär.. In the evening we heard distant thunder, during the night it passed straight over us, giving intense rain showers and amazing lightning striking the rock islands and sea on all sides of us.. Sunday morning was calm and sunny, as we made our way back south and east..


Tobbe Arnesson said...

Åland looks great for kayaking!

Can you guys roll the K2? :D

That thunderstorm must have been epic! I'm both pleased and bummed that it passed us on the east.

Jarl said...

Yep, was a nice test-paddle of this huge kayaking area. I'll definately be back, I bought the full set of Åland kayaking maps and it looks very promising, especially on the eastern side.
Roll a K2? Not even close. But that yellow sausage was more stable than a ferry..